Guild Info

Server: Khadgar
Faction: Horde
Founded: 23/11/2004
Guild Leader: Namael

Welcome to Remnant

11 Oct 2009 6:56 PM 0 comments Posted By Namael

What our guild is:

1) Complete 10 man dungeons
2) Complete 10 man heroic dungeons (aka hard modes)
3) Complete 10 man achievements

1) Raiding schedule of 1-3 days weekly, those days either falling on Tues-Thurs, Sun-Mon, 7 -10 PM EST.
2) Raid Signups and planning through online forums
3) Carry a roster of around 12-15 active players.
4) Rotate people in and out for gear/achievements

To help achieve these goals we are in need of skillful applicants. We currently need tanks, healers and dps. We only have 2 points of criteria for recruitment and that is:

1) Skill & Class knowledge (Knows rotations, how to use spells, which spells to use, etc)
2) Not a complete @ss hole.

We have no plans on ever becoming a 25 man guild, so please be aware of this before you contact us. If you are looking for like minded skilled players, in a casual environment, looking to beat some challenging encounters please whisper either me (Namael) or Phrawst in game or post a quick application on our application board.

Khadgar: Full

26 Feb 2009 5:56 AM 0 comments Posted By Discharge

All good things must end...

Then again quitting is an option reserved only for the weak.

Remnant has been reborn and looking to fuck some shit up on Khadgar.

Welcome back all the old school folks and welcome to all the new faces.

Here are some pics to remember us: